Photo Gallery

The Makonde guest house. Each private guest house comes with a private over-sized deck and incredible views.

One of the views from bed.

The jungle swings are a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery.

A local artist sculpts one of the elephant shower heads.

Check out our over-size tubs and open-air elephant showers.

Your going to love showering under the African sky!

We also have tree house showers inside every room!

Tree climbing lions unique to Lake Manyara and our Lodge.

A gorgeous sunset is the perfect backdrop for dinner.

A stunning view of the lake, the Rift Valley wall and jungle floor!

The magnificent Lake Manyara is so full this season!

A spectacular "Blue Moon" was seen over the jungle last night!

We had a wild night at Pumziko when a pride of 9 lions hung outside the rooms—exciting!

Meet our little hedgehog friend George.

We've placed bird bath are outside the guest houses for over 400 bird species to enjoy —it's fun to see who shows up!

Elephants, Lions, Zebra, Hyenas and Dik Dik love Pumziko!

At Pumziko it's even magical when it rains.

Lake Manyara and the Rift Valley can been seen as you drive from the main safari circuit road—stunning!

Great Safari! A family of elephants pass the jeep while exploring Lake Manyara.

Lake Manyara is known for it's flamingos. You can hear their wings gently flapping from Pumziko—very relaxing!

Our head Maasai security Papalie (blowing the horn) brought his village members up to Pumziko for a special Maasai performance.

Here comes our incredible performers!

Jungle hikes are one of the many exciting excursions you can do while staying at Pumziko Safari Lodge!

A hike to the hyena caves is fun.

Gamba and all of us at Pumziko welcome you.

The Pumziko family.

The maasai security guards keep an eye out for unexpected visitors.

Having a little fun! A Sukuma, Irawq, Makonde and a Chagga can all fit in our over sized tubs!

Meet our rare sheep Fred. He was a special present from the Highland Massai tribe—he is now our beloved pet.

Gamba and Fred out for a walk.

Fred looking good in his Pumziko t-shirt.