Inspiration of the Lodge

Pumziko Safari Lodge & Spa was fittingly conceived while relaxing after a day on safari, born of a shared desire to always have the best of Africa at our doorstep. We dreamed of an African lodge where we could savor, and share, the magic of Africa. Our lodge would celebrate the African people, beauty, and unfathomable richness of nature. Northern Tanzania is where our heart led us, and we scoured the countryside for the perfect spot. Our ambitions were high, and it's fair to say this is evident in the location we chose.

The Visionary & Driving Force

Ms. Sherie Fenn, owner of Enticing Travel, LLC and Enticing Adventures, of Gig Harbor, Washington, USA, has been the visionary and the driving force behind Pumziko. Over the past decade, through her experience in worldwide tourism, tour planning and operations, Sherie traveled through Africa and fell deeply in love with it. After she started her own tour company, Sherie arranged and led tours in Africa, including the one, in February 2011 to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and safari in Ngorongoro and the Serengeti, which provided the Pumziko genesis and team. The original inspiration, had while relaxing around a popping campfire, and complete with a lion roar soundtrack, quickly sprouted wings. It also motivated Sherie to name and focus the lodge on the concept of Pumziko - African Relaxation. Although the goal was relaxation, Sherie channeled a cheetah and hit the ground running. Through Sherie's dedication and a top-notch team of US and Tanzanian tourism and business professionals, in less than a year planning and preparation was complete and land was broken on a most spectacular setting.

The Iraqw Tribe

Pumziko is forever indebted to the leaders and people of the Iraqw tribe who have graciously provided our magnificent setting, in the heart of their tribal homelands. The Iraqw have welcomed us into their homeland, and we are truly grateful. It is our goal to give back to the Iraqw through ongoing programs, such as assisting with dire needs of their regional health clinic. This medical clinic serves thousands of Iraqw in a remote setting with a heartbreaking lack of adequate human, physical and medical resources. We call upon all medical and business professionals to inquire with us about their needs and assist however possible. The Iraqw tribe is an integral part of the Pumziko family and our main lodge building is named after them.

The Extended Pumziko Team

As with any endeavor of this sort, the team is the most invaluable resource. These are the people who were present at the inspiration of Pumziko and who whole-heartedly invested either financially or physically in its creation and success. Our extended team includes a great group of businessmen and avid adventurers.

Sherie and the extended Pumziko team are honored and
thrilled to have been able to realize their dream.
Now, we welcome you to join us and realize your own African dreams.
Pumziko is for all of us – including you – to refresh, relax
and share in the magic of Africa.

Kristal Fotheringham has worked along side Sherie for many years at Enticing Travel and Enticing Adventures leading groups all over the world to places off the beaten path. Her decades of successful design and technology experience has well-prepared her for the challenge of creating designs for Pumziko, both the actual physical designs and the digital ones.

Robert Miller is an adventurer and amazing father, loves to travel, is an adrenaline seeker, enjoys 4x4ing, quading, hiking, camping, shooting, martial arts, mud-obstacle courses, yoga, and all forms of exercise. He is also a handyman who loves working with his hands and in 2012 took his skills to Tanzania where he volunteered efforts to build a new medical clinic in the Iraqw heartland. His successes include: Bestline Superior Lubricants, precious metals, coin collecting, part time commodity trader (5 years), owner of Quality Masonry in Chicago (3 years), owner of Eudaimonia/health and wellness center (3 years), and supervisor for The Henson Company (21 years).

Greg Winker is a world class balloonist and adventurer. After retiring early from an international architectural & planning firm in 2012, he promptly left for the Carribeans with his love Molly where they spent the summer on the Island of Bequia in St. Vincent and Tobago Cays in the Grenadines. The following November they journeyed to Spain where they completed an amazing 500 mile pilgrimage to Camino de Santiago, which took an incredible 43 days, 789 kilometers, 3,874,306 steps. Their next adventure, a 16 week journey from Istanbul to Beijing on the Silk Highway.

David Palmquist is an enthusiastic adventurer with a scientific bent. Whether spending the day touring the super collider at CERN outside Geneva, hiking up Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii for some star gazing at the W.M. Keck Observatory, or sailing the Caribbean searching for artifacts of 17th century pirates, he believe travel should be just as much about seeking out opportunities to learn as experiencing new cultures. David is a former developer, engineer and research manager for several major corporations, including IBM, GE and Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals. He has also failed at retiring several times and consequently is happy to be currently managing a small group of researchers at a major healthcare company. His other interests include artisan chocolate making, hiking, sailing, and is a life-long gentleman farmer.

Mr. David Burgess is a loving father, an adventure junky, and a gear-head extraordinaire. With over eleven years of experience as an aircraft mechanic in the United States Air Force, further technical training in 4x4 chassis and suspension welding and fabrication, and professional overland driving and survival courses; David embraces the challenges encountered on the open road. For more than ten years, David has modified, outfitted, and piloted 4x4 vehicles in countless overland adventures over much of mainland Europe, most of the United States of America, and parts of Central America. Currently, David is pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering, and is planning to use his engineering and fabrication knowledge as well as his experience with off-roading in a future venture to educate remote and underdeveloped communities in vehicle maintenance, fabrication, resource management, and overland survival.